Project Updates, Boss School & The Mic Drop I Didn’t See Coming


I can’t believe it has been an entire month since my last post. Talk about consistency. I am a firm believer that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. I spent 4 weeks suffering from what was eventually diagnosed as a sinus infection and honestly, would have posted nothing but misery. I am now about a week out from seeing the doctor and am finally feeling back to normal so let’s get this party {Read More}

Anchored Hope Tshirts – Let Me See You HUSTLE!

Hope tshirt

We have come up with several t-shirt designs and rather than hit you with all of them at once, we thought it would be fun to release one style per month. So, we took a vote and “Hope Hustler” won for the March 1st release! (2 styles available, many different t’s and even mugs….men’s coming soon!) What does it mean to be a “Hope Hustler” you ask? It’s simple: No matter the circumstances - you are there. Sharing HOPE, breathing HOPE, {Read More}

You Tube Magic – Christmas In February!

box from minnesota

I hope you all enjoy this quick un-packing of that box I posted about on Facebook a couple weeks ago…jumping on camera seemed like much more fun! Please note: I am a video amateur…. Here goes nothin’!   Forever #Anchored, Catina and Team Hope      

Something Very Exciting Is Coming 3-1-15!

tshirt announcement

  Ok, so it’s Super Bowl Sunday and you are gettin’ all hyped. Me too! Except – it’s not Super Bowl that has me jumping for joy. I mean, I am all for the food but….I am scoring a different type of “TOUCHDOWN!!!”!!!! T-Shirts. Incredible. Inspirational. “Put-them-on-and-change-the-world” type t-shirts. Dream, turned design, turned talk, turned fear, turned “just do it”, turned “don’t do it”, turned “it’s time”, turned “let it go”, turned “start somewhere”, turned “just launch”, turned ”it will never be perfect”, {Read More}

This Book Is A Game Changer

a path appears

  By a work of pure magic I came across an interview with  Nicholas Kristof (a New York Times columnist) and his wife Sheryl WuDunn (previously a Times journalist). They recently released a book A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity - I am completely addicted. It’s a total game changer for nonprofits and individuals looking to change the world. Some of the most moving information, research and stories, highlight people like you (and me!) who are trying to make waves. Those trying {Read More}

Nothing Makes Me Feel Alive Like This Does…


Christmas shopping in January for “causes in need”! While we are all SO OVER the holidays, nothing gets me more excited than scoring an awesome deal on toys for Christmas 2015! There will be a ton of toy drives and “causes in need” come the holiday season…I am all for stretching my donation dollars. While we have NO idea what the holidays will bring, we DO know that we will be ready. Here is a quick peek at our scores {Read More}

Unselfish Self Care And Our 2015 Project Line Up

Photo via: Team Self Inflicted

  It is a rainy Sunday morning here in So Cal, one of those rare “stay in your PJ’s” kind of days. For me, it starts out really relaxing…then…thoughts of others in the rain with no shelter and no food start creeping in. I am not sure why my mind works this way, it just does. Blessing or curse? You call it. I will go with blessing. I am aware that there are others in need. I am warm, cozy and nourished but I {Read More}

Soul Satisfied Saturday: If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

John Lewis

  I really love this quote and am in the process of researching the origin. From songs to books to Presidential speeches, there is no shortage of use. This quote speaks to me in so many ways. I often get questioned regarding our giving here at Anchored Hope and how we separate ourselves from thoughts regarding the receivers of our efforts. Believe me when I say, there is absolutely a long laundry list of questions that come along with giving blindly. I {Read More}

What Are Your Anchored Goals For 2015?

Anchored Goals

  Who is goal-setting or creating a little “must-do” list for 2015? This time of year, most people are thinking about getting out of debt or losing weight. (OVERspend or OVEReat like us this time of year?) We’d like to challenge you to add a few #AnchoredGoals to your list for 2015! Some ideas: Join our journey to get #FaithfullyFit (details soon!) Volunteer with us (we post our projects here and on our Facebook page) Help us get #SociallySound by pressing {Read More}