Eat And Be Well – YOU GOT SERVED!

The Eat and Be Well Crew

Well, it’s finally time to drop a recap of Eat & Be Well 2014! Sorry for the delay y’all, carving out more writing time is definitely on my ”Goals” list for 2015! #TeamHOPE pulled in a reported 1/3 of donations needed…I am so proud and honored to be surrounded by such giving individuals. Let’s allow the photos to tell the stories, shall we? There were so many more beautiful photos – please be sure to visit us on Facebook to see them {Read More}

MAJOR Donation Update For Eat and Be Well!

Bday gift

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ―    Frances of Assisi I am not quite sure who will get the greatest gift from these donations but I have a feeling that it will be equally shared. Many of you have asked me where my trunk full of green beans and corn came from…it was from my Aunt Cindy. She is amazing and I am incredibly lucky. When it comes to giving to others, she knows no boundaries. I am excited, and feel {Read More}

Eat & Be Well 2014

EBW 2014

 “Community is the space between suffering and sufficiency…the space where HOPE thrives.” When Eat & Be Well asked me for a definition of “community”, the above was the first thought I had. It’s time to do our part to help bridge the gap between suffering & sufficiency my friends! Take a minute to read more about our upcoming project and consider jumping on board. We can use your talents! Read more here about donation needs, volunteer opportunities and the many ways you can {Read More}

HOPE Soldiers In Action: Destiny – Missions Accomplished!

Destiny Marie2

  “When you help others, you’re not only giving to them, but you’re also giving to yourself.” ~ Destiny Let the record show that I didn’t have to dig far for this piece of inspiration…Destiny is my niece. :-) That aside, she is amazing. At 18, she has already completed two mission trips to help the underserved in our country. I love this interview so much. Yes, she is my niece…but HOW did I not know of her “awesome-ness” when it comes to {Read More}

HOPE Soldiers In Action: 7 Year Old Malia And Her Lemonade Stand

Feeding America

“Have fun. Don’t be afraid.” ~ Malia I am pretty certain that at the age of  7, I was engulfed in a sea of barbies, bikes and cartoons…far, far away from being concerned about the needs of others. Recently, I came across a post on Facebook from a friend whose daughter Malia was on a mission for “Feeding America“. I was instantly intrigued. I just had to know where this little Hope Soldier’s inspiration and drive came from. I reached out to her {Read More}

Have You Made An Impact In Your Community? We Want To Interview You!


***GENIUS IDEA ALERT*** I would like to start featuring stories of individuals in our communities (and yours!) that are stepping up to the plate to make a difference. Our first two guests are going to knock your socks off! They are both under the age of 18 and  have ROCKED IT! I wish I was so in tune with the needs of others at a young age…its really amazing to see this happening! So, on that note: WHO DO YOU KNOW??? We {Read More}


Hope In The Unseen

I can hardly believe it has been almost two months since the last blog post. Truth be told: I am lost. (insert tiny sad violin) Some of you will remember Anchored Hope as “Catina’s Causes – A Tiny Little Coupon Meets A Great Big Cause”. The mission was to drum up as many coupon freebies as possible for donations to local non-profits. We ROCKED IT and touched so many lives. Then this happened…. “Catina’s Causes” became a group effort and the {Read More}

Soul Satisfied Sunday: University Of Texas Commencement 2014

“If you want to change the world….” If you do nothing else this week, take 20 minutes to watch the 2014 University Of Texas Commencement address by Admiral William H. McRaven. You can watch it on You Tube here: While this list does it absolutely no justice, here are my favorite quotes: If you change the lives of just 10 people, what will the world look like? Make your bed every single morning. It will give you a sense of {Read More}

Easter Baskets For Olive Crest – We Rocked It!


We are super happy with the outcome of our Easter Basket project for Olive Crest! While we were only able to prep 6 baskets total (3 teen boys/3 teen girls) they were filled with all sorts of goodies!       Thank you to all who helped make this project happen….next year let’s up the goal! If you are in So Cal and interested in joining us for future projects, connect with us on Facebook. Make sure you hit the “LIKE” {Read More}

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