This Book Is A Game Changer

a path appears

  By a work of pure magic I came across an interview with  Nicholas Kristof (a New York Times columnist) and his wife Sheryl WuDunn (previously a Times journalist). They recently released a book A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity - I am completely addicted. It’s a total game changer for nonprofits and individuals looking to change the world. Some of the most moving information, research and stories, highlight people like you (and me!) who are trying to make waves. Those trying {Read More}

Nothing Makes Me Feel Alive Like This Does…


Christmas shopping in January for “causes in need”! While we are all SO OVER the holidays, nothing gets me more excited than scoring an awesome deal on toys for Christmas 2015! There will be a ton of toy drives and “causes in need” come the holiday season…I am all for stretching my donation dollars. While we have NO idea what the holidays will bring, we DO know that we will be ready. Here is a quick peek at our scores {Read More}

Unselfish Self Care And Our 2015 Project Line Up

Photo via: Team Self Inflicted

  It is a rainy Sunday morning here in So Cal, one of those rare “stay in your PJ’s” kind of days. For me, it starts out really relaxing…then…thoughts of others in the rain with no shelter and no food start creeping in. I am not sure why my mind works this way, it just does. Blessing or curse? You call it. I will go with blessing. I am aware that there are others in need. I am warm, cozy and nourished but I {Read More}

Soul Satisfied Saturday: If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

John Lewis

  I really love this quote and am in the process of researching the origin. From songs to books to Presidential speeches, there is no shortage of use. This quote speaks to me in so many ways. I often get questioned regarding our giving here at Anchored Hope and how we separate ourselves from thoughts regarding the receivers of our efforts. Believe me when I say, there is absolutely a long laundry list of questions that come along with giving blindly. I {Read More}

What Are Your Anchored Goals For 2015?

Anchored Goals

  Who is goal-setting or creating a little “must-do” list for 2015? This time of year, most people are thinking about getting out of debt or losing weight. (OVERspend or OVEReat like us this time of year?) We’d like to challenge you to add a few #AnchoredGoals to your list for 2015! Some ideas: Join our journey to get #FaithfullyFit (details soon!) Volunteer with us (we post our projects here and on our Facebook page) Help us get #SociallySound by pressing {Read More}

In 2015 Try Starting With “Why”…


Happy New Year’s Eve #Anchored friends! We hope 2014 was amazing for you all and thought it would be fun to close out the year with a question…. Simon Sinek says that you should “Start With Why”. Nisha Moodley says you must find “Your why for you and your why for the world.” Our why? We want to be in service, we want to do better, be better…be the “anchor” that helps others weather a storm. So, your turn, what {Read More}

Eat And Be Well – YOU GOT SERVED!

The Eat and Be Well Crew

Well, it’s finally time to drop a recap of Eat & Be Well 2014! Sorry for the delay y’all, carving out more writing time is definitely on my ”Goals” list for 2015! #TeamHOPE pulled in a reported 1/3 of donations needed…I am so proud and honored to be surrounded by such giving individuals. Let’s allow the photos to tell the stories, shall we? There were so many more beautiful photos – please be sure to visit us on Facebook to see them {Read More}

MAJOR Donation Update For Eat and Be Well!

Bday gift

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ―    Frances of Assisi I am not quite sure who will get the greatest gift from these donations but I have a feeling that it will be equally shared. Many of you have asked me where my trunk full of green beans and corn came from…it was from my Aunt Cindy. She is amazing and I am incredibly lucky. When it comes to giving to others, she knows no boundaries. I am excited, and feel {Read More}

Eat & Be Well 2014

EBW 2014

 “Community is the space between suffering and sufficiency…the space where HOPE thrives.” When Eat & Be Well asked me for a definition of “community”, the above was the first thought I had. It’s time to do our part to help bridge the gap between suffering & sufficiency my friends! Take a minute to read more about our upcoming project and consider jumping on board. We can use your talents! Read more here about donation needs, volunteer opportunities and the many ways you can {Read More}